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03/06/2003--Orientation 318.2
05/08/2003 317.5
05/15/2003 311.1
06/20/2003 297.6
07/10/2003 288.6
07/15/2003 SURGERY
07/29/2003 267.4
08/04/2003 264.1
08/19/2003 268.5
08/21/2003 267.1
08/28/2003 263.6
12/09/2003 221.5
10/20/2004 161.0


Observations and revelations:
  • I am being able to sit in chairs with arms, and not be iserably uncomfortable. I first noticed this at a support group meeting. Hurray!
  • Jeans that were uncomfortably tight before Isaac was conceived are now quite comfortable. UPDATE: I have gone from Women's size 32 to Missy size 12!
  • I can get off the floor withough a forklift. I'm not exactly graceful about it, but I can do it!
  • My knees haven't been hurting.
  • My hunger is quite low. I frequently have to remind myself it's time to eat something. The downside is that I keep waiting for my body to let me know I need to drink water, and it doesn't do so.
  • A meal from a restaurant is good for at least two meals, if not three.
  • It's getting easier to walk longer distances.

I will be working on updating the pages when/as I have energy, time, and something to add. Although the surgery is not comfortable (drugs can be our friends!), I am very glad I did it! I feel like I have been given a new chance at life. I do have to publicly acknowledge that I am not at all sure I could do it without the help and support of David, who has been wonderful throughout the whole process. He has never failed to be there for me and has been completely supportive the whole time.

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