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  • Useful tools
    • Yahoo Groups - You will need to sign up with a Yahoo name and password, but it is free. By the way, "OSSG" stands for "Obesity Surgery Support Group" and "WLS" is "Weight Loss Surgery." Here are the groups I find most useful:
      • TheOtherSideWLSSurgery - Small, friendly, very supportive. I think most of the members are in Northern California, but not all. Open to all.
      • GastricBypass-InfoCentral - A big, very active, supportive group. Lots of really knowledgable people.
      • OSSG-Protein - Big group, specifically protein issues, especially protein supplements. Also info about other nutritional supplementation in relation to weight loss surgery.
      • Graduate-OSSG - Big, very supportive. This one I can only lurk and learn, which I do religiously. Posting is limited to those who have had the surgery at least a year ago. This is because there are lots of other groups for newbies, but this group wants to address the concerns of long-term post-surgical folks. I read because I want to know what to expect in the future, what I can do to stave off problems, and what has worked for people who've been there. Some of the posties are ten years out, and I learn a lot from them.
      • OSSG_Back_On_Track - Another one, new and fairly small, that I can only lurk in. Posting is limited to those who had surgery at least a year ago. It's primarily for those who have had problems with weight gain, and how they are getting themselves back on track.
    • DietOrganizer - Really useful software, with nutrition, diet, weight logging. The best I've found, after testing about ten different programs.
    • VitaLady - Wonderful source of protein products, nutritional supplements, sugar-free syrups, and all sorts of things for those of us who have had the surgery. Although she is a vendor, I have found a LOT of useful information on her site. She had the surgery in October of 1994, and her husband (vitaguy) had it a year later. She works very hard at finding out what those with weight loss surgery can use. This means that she knows which forms of iron, calcium, and other minerals we can absorb, and which should not be be taken together. She is a frequent poster on many of the Yahoo groups. I have written her personally with questions, and she has graciosly answered. Her prices are pretty good, although not the cheapest. There are reviews of the things like the tastes of the protein drinks, and she isn't aftraid to say negative things about the taste, even if she does sell them. My favorite description is "Dirty socks a la tang!" Yes, I am a vitafan!
  • General info about Morbid Obesity and the surgery
  • Outcomes
    • General, good and bad
    • Good outcomes
    • Bad outcomes (see, I really did look for negatives also)
      • Patsi - She had some serious problems with adhesions and persistent, severe abdominal pain. Her site is wonderfully balanced and helpful.

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